Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lis Kenneth Regula? 

Lis Kenneth Regula is the Democratic candidate for Portage County Auditor. He’s also a father, scientist, and teacher. 

Lis Kenneth Regula and his son, Kenny
Lis Kenneth Regula and his son, Kenny

What’s his background?

Originally from western Ohio, Lis has been a Portage County homeowner for 12 years. After graduating high school in 1999, he became the first person in his family to go to college. He earned degrees from Ohio State and Kent State University. Now, he teaches biology at University of Akron. He also serves on various nonprofit boards and a city committee. He lives in Kent with his 12-year-old son.

If Lis wins, will he continue teaching? Or will he work as Auditor full-time?

If Lis is elected, he will resign from University of Akron. He will work full-time as Portage County Auditor.

Lis Kenneth Regula speaking about finances and healthcare at a press conference in Ravenna

Why is he running for auditor?

  1. He cares about public service.
  2. He has the skills for the job. 

What’s his experience?

  • Statistics background
  • Owned his own business
  • Founded and manages a local nonprofit, Edible Kent
  • Serves on a City of Kent committee
  • Board member of various local groups
  • Did research work as a contractor for NASA

What does the auditor do?

The auditor is the top financial manager for Portage County. The auditor makes sure that your tax dollars are spent as they are intended. Basically, the auditor makes sure that Portage County residents get what they pay for.

What’s Lis Kenneth Regula’s plan for Portage County?

First and foremost, Lis will use his statistics and research background to manage Portage County’s finances with scientific precision. He’s not a politician, he’s a scientist. So, there’s no hidden agenda, no political games, no nonsense. Just keeping track of taxpayers’ money. Putting people first.

For Lis, public service means making sure property tax evaluations are fair and honest. As Auditor, he will make sure no Portage County resident pays even a penny more property taxes than they owe. 

Then, the three planks of Lis’ platform:

  1. Modernization
  2. Efficiency
  3. Responsiveness

Lis Kenneth Regula is going to bring Portage County into the 21st century by updating county systems. He will do this efficiently, without raising taxes. Finally, Lis believes that dealing with county government should be simple and convenient. He will use his skills as a business owner and nonprofit leader to provide quick, straightforward service to the people of Portage County.

Lis Kenneth Regula at Brimfest

Is he related to Former Congressman Ralph Regula? 

Yes, Former U.S. Rep. Ralph Regula was Lis’ grandfather’s cousin.  

How can I support Lis’ campaign?

We have volunteer opportunities. You may also make a contribution. And of course, you can encourage your friends and family to vote Regula for Auditor.

If you would like a yard sign, please let us know.