“What does the County Auditor do?”

If you’re like most people, you’re probably asking yourself this question. That’s okay. Here’s the answer.

While the Auditor’s job isn’t glamorous, there are a lot of important responsibilities. Basically, the Auditor’s job is financial oversight of the county. The Auditor is a financial watchdog who makes sure the people of Portage County get what they pay for.

Here’s a list of Auditor’s Responsibilities:

Fiscal Management:

  • Make sure the county receives the correct amounts of taxes – No more, no less.
  • Keep records of all revenues, expenses, and balances
  • Assess property values for real estate
  • Preparing finance reports
  • Working with the State Auditor
  • Managing state or federal grants
  • Keeping county debts within legal limits
  • Advising cities, villages, and townships on fiscal management

Property Taxes & Exemptions

  • Conducting fair and accurate assessments of property values
  • Determining whether certain properties qualify for tax reduction programs, such as the Homestead Exemption
  • Assessing values of trailer homes

Consumer Protection – Weights & Measures

  • Ensuring accuracy of weights and measures, such as grocery scales and gas pumps
  • Making sure consumers receive the exact amount of a measured product they purchased
  • Checking that listed prices of consumer products match the prices at the check-out counter


  • Business licenses
  • Dog licenses
  • Cigarette licenses


Regula for County Auditor