Fair & Honest Property Evaluations

As a scientist with statistics and data knowledge, Lis is used to working with numbers. No agenda, no politics. Nothing but facts and figures. This work experience prepares him to be fair and objective in assessing property values.

When Lis worked as a contractor for NASA, he did a survey of wildlife. He kept track of all his data. Writing everything down, doing the math, and checking the results. As Auditor, he will bring this same work ethic to Portage County. He will make sure county residents aren’t paying even a cent more property taxes than they owe. 

Job Creation & Fiscal Oversight: Equipping Our County for a Changing Economy

In the next few years, our economy will continue to change. Our leaders must make sure these changes bring prosperity for all.

Right now, Portage County faces a $3.5 million deficit by 2022. Lis will set politics aside and work to fix this problem. 

Automation, out sourcing, and wealth imbalance impact Portage County. We need fiscal leaders who see how these problems hurt working families.

Also, the Auditor deals with contracts between businesses and the county. The people of Portage County should get a fair deal. These contracts must be fair and reliable. Lis believes in local investment. He will help protect Portage County jobs and finances.

Regula Auditor Jobs

Modernize the Auditor’s Office

The Auditor oversees the county IT office. Even with recent updates, there are key ways to expand access to county services. Plus, these can be done without extra costs. 

Many Auditor’s services can easily be online. These include,

  • business licenses
  • property tax assessment appeals
  • public records requests

A few quick updates will make these tasks more convenient. Especially for,

  • home owners
  • tax payers
  • seniors
  • workers

Regula Auditor Modernize

Traveling Auditor’s Office

Lis believes that when county residents need to work with the Auditor’s office, they shouldn’t be forced to drive to the county building. Driving to the county office should be a choice, not required.

If elected, Lis will start a mobile Auditor’s office. He will bring Auditor’s services to local libraries, township or city halls, and other public areas. Lis plans to make services more convenient by reaching people where they are.

Over the summer, Lis took a survey of all Ohio County Auditors’ offices. Next, he ranked their websites and other communications. He measured how useful and clear they were. Portage was in the middle. We excel in some areas, but we can do better. 

Lis will make sure all Portage County residents can use public services. This means progress for our whole county.

If you would like to see the survey, please contact us.

Proactively Seek County Residents’ Feedback

Many people feel cut off from their public servants. But these leaders make decisions about people’s lives. So, our leaders should go out of their way to ask for citizen feedback. 

The Auditor has many duties. Such as,

  • Member of the Budget Commission
  • Assess property values
  • Oversee finances

This means the Auditor affects the lives of all people in Portage County. People should have frequent chances to share their thoughts.

Transparency & Open Government

Transparency is vital. Democracy depends on our leaders being open and clear.

It should be easy for Portage residents to voice concerns. The Auditor’s office should look for citizens’ feedback. Then, they should use that feedback do better. 

In his teaching and non profit work, Lis met high standards of openness. He will continue to do so as Auditor. He will hold public forums across our county and online. This will give each person the chance to speak with their county leaders.

Regula Auditor Transparency

Work With Portage Townships, Cities, and Villages for Locally Driven Economic Growth

Before selling it at a profit, Lis owned a small business. At the same time, he worked to protect nature. Because of this, Lis understands that Portage County strikes a unique and vital balance between economic growth and rural areas.

Lis wants to create jobs while keeping our county’s rural areas. To do this, he will make Auditor’s services more efficient. He will also work with our townships, cities, and villages so county residents can decide the direction of their own communities.

Regula Auditor Economy

Coordinate Between Departments for Efficient Services

If Portage County wants to succeed, people must work together. Political ploys should not stop public service. Our county departments must coordinate with each other. This will make it easier for people to work with the county.

Right now, Portage County has many public records request forms for different offices. Streamlining these forms offers a simple fix for an inefficient system.

Also, the Auditor works closely with the treasurer and the Budget Commission. Our county’s fiscal well being depends on these leaders working together. Lis has worked successfully with people who hold many different viewpoints. He will continue to create open dialogues with state, county, and local leaders, as well as the public.

Regula Auditor Cooperation