About Lis (pronounced “lease”) Kenneth Regula

Father, scientist, teacher, gardener, public servant.

Lis Kenneth Regula decided to run for Portage County Auditor for two reasons:

  1. He cares about public service.
  2. He has the skills for the job.

As a science professor at University of Akron, Lis has the statistics, data, and analytic background to succeed as auditor. From professor to auditor, the common thread is serving the public. Teaching offers an important public service, and so does managing our county’s finances.

Lis also founded his own business, worked for NASA as a private contractor, and spent over seven years serving on nonprofit boards. Now he wants to serve our community by making sure that the people of Portage County get what they pay for.

Born in 1981 in rural western Ohio, Lis grew up the son of a small businessman. He’s a first-generation college student, a homeowner, and father of a 12-year-old son.

In his spare time, Lis enjoys gardening, cooking, and bike riding with his son. To share his passion for gardening, he co-founded a nonprofit, Edible Kent, which plants food in public areas for anyone’s use. His hobbies also include beekeeping and woodworking.