About Lis (pronounced “lease”) Kenneth Regula

Lis Kenneth Regula grew up the son of a small businessman. When his father passed, Lis was 14. Nobody in his family had been to college before, so while his classmates visited colleges, he worked full time through his senior year and took care of things at home.

After high school, Lis worked, got his own place, and spent time with his family. A few years later, he found his  interest in science and realized that he needed a college degree. He kept working and started college at an Ohio State University branch campus. He graduated in 2005.

One of Lis’ professors steered him towards graduate school to study biology. That brought him to Kent State University. Around that time, his son was born and he became a father. 

Since grad school, Lis has taught at many different colleges. He has been at the University of Akron for the past three years. He’s also founded his own businesses, done contracting work in the private sector, and spent tons of volunteer time on various non-profit boards and committees in Portage County.

Lis Kenneth Regula has lived in Portage County for about 11 years now, and he’s put in a lot of hard work to make it better. And now, that’s what he’ll do as auditor.

The county auditor keeps track of the county’s financial records, like what Lis did when he ran his own business and what he does running Edible Kent, a gardening nonprofit. As auditor, Lis will coordinate with the rest of the county government and keep his door open to Portage County residents, like he does with his colleagues and students.

Whether you need a dog license or a business license, Lis will make sure the process is quick, smooth, and straightforward. And he’ll constantly look for ways to improve Portage County while saving you money.