Traveling Auditor’s Office: Bringing Services to Your Neighborhood

If elected as Portage County Auditor, Lis Kenneth Regula will start a Traveling Auditor’s Office. He will bring Auditor’s services to local libraries, town halls, and community centers across Portage County.

If people need to do business with the Auditor’s office, they shouldn’t have to drive to the county building. Instead, the Auditor should come to them. That’s what the Traveling Auditor’s Office does. 

Traveling Auditor's Office

Why a Traveling Auditor’s Office?

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Safety

Convenience: These days, people are working harder for less money. Our public services should be open when working people have time to use them. Regula’s Traveling Auditor’s Office will be open during regular business hours AND evenings/weekends. Working people need services they can use without taking time off work.

Efficiency: When public offices aren’t being proactive, they aren’t being efficient. Bringing the Auditor’s office to the folks who need it means less wasted time. It means more work with less time and effort. It’s working smarter, not harder.

Safety: This is Northeast Ohio. Sometimes, the roads are a little icy in the winter. Why dust off your car and drive a long way in dangerous conditions, when you could just drive down the road in your own neighborhood?

Will This Cost More Money?

No. The Traveling Auditor’s Office will just rearrange the schedule. The Auditor is paid salary, not hourly, so even adding hours would not cost taxpayers any more. Lis Kenneth Regula will coordinate with local officials and hold office hours when buildings are already open.

What About the Townships and Rural Areas?

Too often, townships and rural areas are forgotten. Lis Kenneth Regula lives in Kent now, but he grew up in a small Ohio town called Elida, where his grandparents were farmers.

The township hall might still be a far drive for a lot of people. To make sure those folks can still access the Traveling Auditor’s Office, Lis Kenneth Regula will reach out to township residents to ask where office hours would be convenient.

Do Other Elected Officials Do This?

Usually, politicians only reach out to people when they’re up for re-election. But this isn’t a campaign ploy. It’s just a common sense idea.

Lis Kenneth Regula is a college professor. He also ran his own small business. So, he’s used to working around people’s schedules. If the people of Portage County elect him, he will resign from teaching and bring the same hard work and innovation to the Auditor’s office.

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