Improving Transparency for Portage County Ohio Records

Transparency in Portage County Ohio Records

Without transparency, government officials operate in the dark. Without transparency, we can’t hold our public officials responsible for their actions. And when those officials don’t have to be accountable to anyone, they just serve themselves. For Portage County Ohio records, we can do better. 

This self-dealing behind closed doors means higher taxes but fewer services. It means regular people stretching their wallets further. And it means our democracy isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. 

This is why public records need to truly be public. And we must start here at home. Keeping high standards of openness and honesty is vital at the local level. Portage County Ohio records should be available for residents to find from the comfort of their living rooms.

Portage County Ohio Records

Fixing Inefficiencies

Right now, if a Portage County resident wants to find public records, there are several different forms for different departments. This is inefficient. If a citizen of Portage County wants to find out what their leaders are doing with their tax dollars, that process should be 

  • Simple 
  • Straightforward 
  • Easy to access

As soon as he takes office, Lis Kenneth Regula wants to install a user friendly online search function for Portage County Ohio records. It would be a quick, cost-effective way to vastly improve transparency. 

Traveling Auditor’s Office: Bringing Services to the People

When elected, Lis Kenneth Regula will start a traveling Auditor’s office. He will bring the Auditor’s office to the people of Portage County.

If public services are only open weekdays 9-5, that’s inconvenient. Regula’s Traveling Auditor’s Office will go to local libraries and town halls across Portage County. People will be able to file paperwork, ask questions, and do business with the Auditor’s office in their own neighborhoods, after work.

Especially when people’s property values have suddenly gone up, Portage County residents need a public records request system that works. Lis Kenneth Regula knows this problem needs fixed. It’s time. 

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