Taking the mystery out of property taxes

There’s a question on the minds of many residents of Portage County right now — are my property taxes going up this year?

Before we can answer this, it’s important to know how the County Auditor determines how much we have to pay in property taxes. Every six years, the Auditor is responsible for re-assessing the values of our properties. The numbers on our next tax bill are based on those assessments. That’s why it’s critical to have an Auditor who operates with complete transparency and accuracy.

Turns out that 2018 is a property tax reassessment year. Some folks are feeling uncertain about whether or not their tax bill will be bigger than it was last year. If you’re one of those people, you can plan to attend a public hearing at the County Administration Building during September and October. Please click here for more information, including hearing dates and times.

When it comes to managing Portage County’s finances and determining how much we pay in property taxes, our residents need an Auditor who will explain clearly and take the uncertainty out of this process. Property taxes don’t need to be a faraway, confusing process. Portage County residents deserve an honest, straightforward voice in local government. That’s why I’m running for Portage County Auditor. 

As a professor and entrepreneur with a real passion for numbers, I have what it takes to bring the auditor’s office into the 21st century by streamlining office operations and making property records easier to locate and understand. I’m ready to start a conversation with the folks about what they need and expect from their local government, and how we can do better.

If we work together, we can have the transparent, efficient local government services that our we all deserve. This November, I hope you’ll stand with me and vote to let the sunshine into the auditor’s office.

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