Lis Kenneth Regula: 21st century leadership for today’s economy

Twelve years ago, I moved to Portage County. Like many people, a job brought me here.

Over the years, I’ve supported local business. I’ve sent my 12-year-old son to Kent public schools, and I’ve run my own small business and nonprofit. That’s because the hardworking people of Portage County before me, built a place where I could thrive. They built the place I wanted to live and the one I’m proud to call my home.

But over the past few years, our county has fallen behind.

When state lawmakers cut funding to our cities, villages, and townships, our local communities suffered. Potholes littered our roads, damaging our cars. Our teachers and law enforcement officials were laid off. Our taxes went up while our wages went down.

Meanwhile, our elected officials played politics with our jobs and our families.

I’m not a politician and never figured I’d run for office. I’m a teacher and a scientist, and just a guy who cares about his community. And I’ve come to realize:

We can’t move Portage County forward with the same old thinking. It’s time for change. 

That’s why I’m doing my part, running for Portage County Auditor. The auditor is the chief financial officer of the county, and I have the experienced financial background to manage our county finances with responsibility, fairness, and common sense.

As our nation’s economy is changing, our elected officials need to step up. We need folks in office with the ability to adapt, to help cushion the blows of automation, outsourcing, and attacks on unions, workers, and small businesses.

This means electing new leadership to fix our economy’s new problems. This means bringing Portage County into the 21st century.

We can’t do the same thing over and over, expecting better results. It’s time for new leadership for today’s economy.

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