Lis Kenneth Regula’s record of successful financial management

As Portage County Auditor, Lis Kenneth Regula will be in charge of overseeing our county’s finances. Lis is well-equipped for this position because he understands the principles of responsible financial management. 

Lis manages finances with diligence and common sense, both in his personal and his professional life. 

By age 30, Lis had already paid off his mortgage. And he already owned a rental property, which provides a modest but consistent revenue stream. 

“I paid off the rental property while I was working at NASA Glenn,” Lis explains. “I was working 12 hour days, sometimes not getting home until one or two in the morning. But I did what I had to do, and it was worth it.”

In 2007, Lis founded his own business. The company, Baby By Nature, offered natural parenting goods to new parents. He owned and operated his small business for six years, before selling it at a profit in 2013. That same year, Lis co-founded Edible Kent, a nonprofit which plants community gardens with food for anyone’s use. 

Running a small business and a nonprofit both show how Lis uses his financial management skills to serve his community. And that’s what he will do as auditor. 

Lis’ business and nonprofit management skills add up to the experience and knowledge needed to successfully manage county finances. As auditor, he will combine his practical finance skills with his motivation to serve our community. Together, this means a stronger, safer, more prosperous Portage County. 

This spirit of fiscal responsibility, which helped Lis go from a first generation college student to mortgage-free homeowner, is what he will bring to Portage County government. As a faithful member of our community, Lis will keep precise track of Portage County’s tax dollars. Even though people start out in different financial situations, when our leaders effectively serve the public, everyone has a greater chance to succeed.

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