Lis Kenneth Regula Pledges to Hold Public Town Hall Meetings

On Monday, Lis Kenneth Regula, the Democratic candidate for Portage County Auditor announced that if elected, he will hold at least four public meetings per year. 

To demonstrate his appreciation of transparency and responsive governance, Regula took the “Town Hall Pledge.” The pledge entails that elected officials or candidates agree to hold at least four town hall meetings per calendar year. The town halls must be free, announced at least two days in advance and open to the public and the press.

The Town Hall Project, a grassroots organization which urges elected officials to hold face-to-face conversations with their constituents, offers the Town Hall Pledge as a way to facilitate those in-person conversations. Although the Town Hall Project focuses on federal elected officials, Regula intends to demonstrate the principles of open and honest governance at the county level.

“I’ve lived in Portage County for nearly 12 years,” Regula said. “and the people of Portage County need elected officials who listen to them, in their cities, townships and across the entire county. As a professor, I’m tasked with listening to my colleagues and my students. As Portage County Auditor, I will listen to Portage County residents, not just during election season but all year, every year.”

Responsiveness is one of the three key points which Regula believes are crucial to effective public service. He also plans to modernize county government, so it runs quickly, smoothly and thoroughly for all of Portage County, and he intends to run the auditor’s office more efficiently, to help people save time and money.

In April, Regula attended the League of Women Voters’ Face-to-Face candidate forum. Members of the public had the opportunity to ask questions and receive real answers. These included questions about property values assessments, how his professional background as a biologist prepares him for the job of county auditor and his plan to address the Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) and its Three Year Rollback. 

For anyone who was unable to attend the event, Regula’s answers to these questions can be found here.


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