Lis Kenneth Regula Endorsed by Cleveland Stonewall Democrats


Cleveland Stonewall Democrats, an LGBT Democratic club, endorsed Lis Kenneth Regula for Portage County Auditor on Thursday.

Although the organization typically focuses on supporting pro-LGBT Democratic candidates in the greater Cleveland area, members decided to expand.

At Thursday’s meeting, Regula spoke about his commitment to equality, his personal background as an openly transgender candidate and his qualifications as county auditor.

My background in local government, education and nonprofit administration prepares me to act as a diligent fiscal officer and public servant,” Regula wrote in a statement. “As a biology and ecology researcher and professor, I have extensive experience in permitting, auditing, compliance practices, detailed record keeping and formation of protocols. Currently, I serve on the City of Kent’s Climate Action Committee which was formed after I successfully helped advocate for a resolution in support of the Paris Climate Accords. I have also served on several nonprofit boards, including Kent Environmental Council, League of Women Voters Kent and Edible Kent.”

Lis Kenneth Regula speaking to Cleveland Stonewall Democrats.

Lis Kenneth Regula would like to thank Cleveland Stonewall Democrats for their endorsement:

Thank you so much for your vote of confidence in my candidacy for Portage County Auditor. I appreciate everyone who stands with me to support effective, modern leadership that serves not just some of the public, but all of us. 

So many people have been left behind by government officials who give tax breaks to the rich instead of doing their jobs to help their communities. County auditor isn’t the most political position, but it’s a job I will do well. 

If elected, I will be the first openly transgender person to serve in public office in the state of Ohio. That’s not why I’m running and that’s not why people should vote for me. Vote for me because I’m qualified and because you agree that Portage County needs a fresh perspective. 

But the fact remains that in Ohio, people can be fired, evicted or kicked out of a store because they’re LGBT. The county auditor can’t change that, but if I’m elected, that might offer some comfort and hope to anybody who’s ever been singled out for being “different.” That will help demonstrate that people should be hired if they’re capable of doing the job. And that will be a step towards a prosperous Portage County. 

Thank you again, Cleveland Stonewall Democrats, for helping to achieve these goals. 


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