A Biologist Running for Auditor?

“Why is a biologist running for Auditor?”

I get this question a lot and I understand why. Scientists already have careers. Why spend my time running for public office?

I truly believe in public service. That’s why I’ve spent years running nonprofits which work to improve our environment and feed the hungry. It’s why I serve on a city government committee focused on climate. And it’s why I teach.

For a wind power organization in Cleveland, I spoke about connections between science and public service:

Also, the skills and experience I’ve gained in my career as a biologist apply to the Auditor’s office, as well. As a researcher, I’ve worked with permits, audits, compliance practices, precise record keeping, and formation of protocols and best practices. For example, when I worked with NASA, surveying wildlife, if I said that I saw a species, I had to prove exactly where and when. If I didn’t see a species that was previously there, I had to show historical records and changes that might account for its absence.

As Auditor, I will bring that same level of precise detail, transparency, and integrity to Portage County. That’s what I’ve been doing for years because I care about serving the public.

Unfortunately, many politicians only pretend to care about public service, while taking advantage of the public’s trust to further their own careers.

Since I already have a career I love, I’m not beholden to special interests or just trying to win for personal gain. With my record of public service and my experience in oversight and budget management, I will work hard every day for modernization, efficiency, responsiveness, and ultimately, for the people of Portage County.

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