Lis Kenneth Regula Featured Among Ohio’s LGBT Candidates

Prizm Magazine highlighted Lis Kenneth Regula, one of the first transgender Ohioans to seek elected office, along with 11 other LGBT candidates running in 2018. 

Here’s the story:

“He’s a biologist and University of Akron faculty member, a mentor at Kent State University’s LGBTQ Center and chairman of the Kent Environmental Council.

Regula says he would work to modernize county government processes and make it more efficient. His professional experience requires the same skills as a county auditor, he says.

‘As a researcher, I have extensive experience with permits, audits and compliance practices, as well as detailed record keeping and formation of protocols and best practices. I have run a small business and served on several nonprofit boards. Like a strong county auditor, a successful businessman or board member must budget carefully and keep track of every penny.'”

You can read the entire article here


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