Lis Kenneth Regula: Qualifications Are What Matters for the Job

I’m running for Portage County Auditor because serving my community is a duty I take seriously. I’m running because I have new ideas about improving Portage County. And I’m running because I’m an experienced and qualified leader. That’s what matters with a job–qualifications.

As many of you know, I’m a transgender man. But that’s not all I am. I’m also a biology and ecology professor and researcher, a nonprofit leader, a member of a city government committee, an amateur chef, a folk music enthusiast, a father, a grandson of two WWII veterans, and a lifelong Ohioan.

The fact that I’m trans doesn’t make me less or more qualified than anyone else.

I’m running for auditor because I’m the best one for the job. My experience in local government, nonprofit administration, small business, and scientific research prepares me for the important work of overseeing the county’s finances with scientific precision. I’m well-versed in audits, policy development and implementation, data projections and representations, and budget management.

Whether it’s serving your local community or serving your country, public service is a responsibility. And we can’t let partisan division stand in the way of qualified public service.

So, let’s work together for a prosperous Portage County.

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