Regula’s Plans for Portage County Auditor Published in Voter Guide

Lis Kenneth (Ken) Regula explained his priorities and qualifications in the League of Women Voters’ Vote411 guide. Here it is:

What are your top priorities for the next four years and how will you implement them?

In three words: modernization, efficiency, responsiveness.

I aim to improve communication within Portage County government. One simple improvement will be to make the website more user-friendly. Better communication will make it easier for Portage County residents to buy and sell land, obtain vendor licenses or receive tax exemptions.

The auditor’s job is oversight of the county finances. As auditor, I will extend that oversight to my own office by reducing costs. To do this, I will move toward a nonpartisan county workforce. Fiscal officers must protect county residents’ finances, not get distracted by politics.

I plan to help Portage County residents take advantage of the resources available to them, such as tax exemption programs. I would also like to organize public events where people can learn how to start a business.

Finally, I will have an “open door” policy. Government should be responsive and accountable. If your needs aren’t being met, I would like to hear from you.

What in your background will be the most helpful to you in performing the duties of County Auditor?

The auditor oversees the county’s finances and ensures that taxpayers’ money is spent appropriately. The job requires analytical skills, data and budget management, and collaboration with other offices and the public. My professional background requires these same skills.

As a researcher, I have extensive experience with permits, audits, and compliance practices, as well as detailed record keeping and formation of protocols and best practices.

I have run a small business and served on several nonprofit boards. Like a strong county auditor, a successful businessman or board member must budget carefully and keep track of every penny.

I also have experience collaborating with government. Currently, I serve on a Kent climate committee. As a private citizen, I have participated in the local legislative process. I’m used to working on a moderate budget and finding creative ways to meet needs. As auditor, I will use my skills and experience to run the county smoothly and efficiently.

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