Lis Kenneth Regula for Portage County Auditor: Democrat for modern, efficient, responsive county government

Bringing Portage County into the 21st Century!

As auditor, Lis Kenneth Regula will update Portage County government.
Here are his top priorities:

  • Modernizing the Auditor’s office so it’s easy for Portage County homeowners, taxpayers, and business owners to get the information and services they need.
  • Efficiently managing county finances with the responsibility and common sense to benefit all of Portage County.
  • Responding effectively and transparently to the people of Portage County, proactively seeking their input and feedback.

Fresh perspective, experienced background.

The auditor oversees the county’s finances and makes sure that taxpayers’ money is spent appropriately. The job requires analytical skills, data and budget management, and collaboration with other offices and the public. Regula’s professional background requires these same skills.

  • As a researcher, he worked extensively with permits, audits, compliance practices, detailed record-keeping, and formation of best practices and protocols.
  • As a nonprofit administrator and small business owner, he developed, maintained, and kept track of a careful budget while finding innovative ways to serve our community
  • As a city government committee memberhe collaborated with elected officials and public servants in an efficient and productive way.

Lis Kenneth Regula offers a fresh face in county government and he has the experience needed to precisely and responsibly manage the county’s finances.